Students and Teaching

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  • Solid State Physics

  • Advanced microscopy and electron diffraction
  • Thermal Physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers II

PhD students supervised 

  1. Arturo Galindo: “Electrochemical synthesis of multisegmented metallic nanowires to study the magneto/plasmonic coupling by external fields”, UTSA, 2019-at present
  2. Andrei Hernandez Robles: “Study of electrical properties in low dimensional functional materials”, UTSA, 2018-at present
  3. Prakash Parajuli: “Microstructural evolution and atomic-level segregation in metallic alloy films: an approach towards grain boundary engineering”, graduated 2019
  4. Eduardo Ortega: “Analysis of metallic nanowires by electron diffraction and off-axis electron holography”, graduated 2018
  5. Diego Alducin (2016) “In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Experimentation of Nanostructured Materials”, graduated 2016
  6. Jesus Cantu-Valle (2014) “Quantitative phase imaging of metallic nanostructures using off-axis electron holography”, graduated 2014

MS Students supervised

  1. Bulgun Kinzeeva (2011) “Structural and physicochemical characterization of luminescent materials based on Pi-conjugated macromolecules”
  2. Ruben Sierra (2011) “Synthesis of dielectric oxides nanoparticles and their incorporation in a polymeric matrix”